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The newly developed product
In the direct blow molding of the plastic bottle, in the past, it was made difficult from the mechanical agreement to do Atsushi becoming of the meat above the constant thickness.On the other hand, we used the accumulation of the forming technology centered on the PET resin and succeeded in the mass production of the Atsushi meat bottle which is called usual duple equal to or more than.

The clean room
At the oak factory, it does the last inspection by the mold in the clean room, an ion air wash by the container, it loses the load of the container wash as the customer and it has a good press.

It is retired from April, 2006, Machida Hiroshi CEO and it is installed in Machida Shigeru CEO.
The thickness established the mass production system of the Atsushi meat bottle of 2.2 mm by the direct blow molding which used a general PET resin in March, 2006.
It develops the January, 2006, small PET resin Atsushi meat cream ejaculation container.
It develops August, 2002, a container of the ejaculation of the PET resin thermos bottle type ( 2 peaces ) and massing produce


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